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March 19th, 2014

In case you somehow missed it via all my social media outlets…my office was recently featured on Glitter Guide! Having moved to Virginia over 8 months ago, it has definitely been a long time coming to get my office organized and looking like “me.”

Enter Jessica Klein of With Love, Design. She was the best thing to happen to this place! We sent her dimensions and photographs of the space and existing furniture, and she picked out a bunch of key items to get us started, then actually came down to the office {from Boston!} for the install & styling. Honestly I don’t know how we would have done it without her. And she didn’t just make it pretty. She literally took everything off the built-in bookcase shelves and got it organized. It was amazing. Not to mention the all day shopping trip to Target, HomeGoods, Aaron Brothers and more I’m probably forgetting. {Side note: why is it so much easier to shop with a professional? Seriously, that girl is an expert!}

The oh-so-lovely Amie Decker of Amie Decker Beauty worked her magic on my hair and makeup, and my pal Abby Jiu captured it all so beautifully! Oh and to top it off? Katie from Petal and Print had recently teamed up with us for our DC Calligraphy workshop, and I was able to repurpose her stunning florals!

I am so lucky to have had these ladies help me, and it is just a joy to share it with all of you!

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Jessica even helped me get the living room into shape ~ including my favorite  accent piece…the bar cart!


And my handsome pups were on hand to enjoy the day as well…



Thanks again ladies for bringing my ideas to life and Glitter Guide for sharing it!

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  1. Sarah Ann Campbell

    Oh my goodness! I could not be more in LOVE with this! Every detail is just amazing.

  2. The World’s Most Perfect Office | Sarah Ann Campbell

    […] The World’s Most Perfect Office […]

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