Looking to take your calligraphy one step further? Consider our Intermediate Sample Add-on. This is a sample guide only that includes:

– Details on letter consistency
– Information on letter connections
– Two flourished alphabets
– Tracing pad with one of the flourished alphabets – each letter upper & lower case on its own page
– A full set of flourishing examples (lower case letters, words & ornamental flourishing)
– A few notes on Modern Calligraphy & Mixing Inks

For additional guidance, we offer a Letter Connections Tracing Pad as an add-on option when purchasing the Intermediate Guide. This is a second tracing pad in addition to the flourished alphabet pad and includes a series of connections/words that correlate with the study included in the Intermediate Guide.

**Please note this is a guide only with samples of intermediate work. It does not include supplies or special instructions on how to get started with calligraphy. This listing does not include any pens, nibs, jars or items other than what is listed above.**