Want to learn the art of modern pointed-pen calligraphy but can’t make it to one of our in-person workshops? Our starter kit + video tutorial bundle is the next best thing to get you started with this beautiful art form.

Our calligraphy starter kit, curated especially for beginners by Laura Hooper based on over 20 years experience including 3 years of teaching pointed-pen, includes both the high quality tools you need to start learning modern pointed-pen calligraphy but also {and perhaps more importantly} specific instructions on how to actually use them! Our starter kit walks you through the basics of prepping your tools and practice stroke patterns then offers a full introductory alphabet exemplar.

Our 45-minute online video features guided instruction from Laura as you work your way through the starter kit. The tutorial begins with the anatomy of the oblique pen and preparation to begin (ink dipping, gridlines, practice strokes), which is followed by close-up visuals of Laura writing every letter of her introductory alphabet – both upper and lower case – with verbal instruction on the thick and thin lines of each letter. In addition, tips and common errors to avoid are provided for a variety of letters.

**Please know this is the same beginner video as offered in the Modern Calligraphy Summit**

Check out a sampling of the video tutorial by watching this trailer!

So What’s Included?

This bundle includes both our complete starter kit + the 45 minute video tutorial download at a discounted rate from if you purchased them each separately.

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to download the video file directly onto your computer. You can then watch this video at any time, however many times you would like! This is not a live class and there is no specific time or location that you need to be able to take it.

Our starter kit will be shipped to you within 2-3 business days & includes:

1 Adjustable oblique pen holder {flange can be removed to use as a straight pen}
assortment of 3 nibs
1 Pot of black ink
1 Pot of white ink
Instructional tips & techniques from Laura’s personal experience including 3 alphabets
1 Journal with gold foil letterpress cover & quality calligraphy paper inside
a few notes on modern calligraphy & mixing inks
3 Sheets of vellum tracing paper
3 Sheets of gridline practice sheets

**To close the lid on the jars included, you turn the lid until you feel it click tightly — then you stop. If you continue to turn, applying more pressure, it can loosen. If this happens, just turn it further until you feel it click tight again. When traveling with ink, we always recommend double zip-loc bagging your ink.**

Looking to take your calligraphy one step further? Consider our Intermediate Guide Add-on. This guide includes includes:

– Details on letter consistency
– Information on letter connections
– Two flourished alphabets
– Tracing pad with one of the flourished alphabets – each letter upper & lower case on its own page
– A full set of flourishing examples (lower case letters, words & ornamental flourishing)
– A few notes on Modern Calligraphy & Mixing Inks

For additional guidance, we offer a Letter Connections Tracing Pad as an add-on option when purchasing the full Intermediate Guide. This is a second tracing pad in addition to the flourished alphabet pad and includes a series of connections/words that correlate with the study included in the Intermediate Guide. When adding the Intermediate Guide below you will see the option to add the Guide only or to add on the Letter Connections Tracing Pad as well.

The video tutorial has been “added” to your kit at the reduced rate for this bundle product {you’ll see this below added at $90 instead of $125}, but we also offer a variety of optional, additional supplies that can be added to your order for continued practice with the art. We recommend the Alphabet Tracing Pad to help start out with your letter formations!

Take a peek at the options before adding your new tools to your cart and getting started with the art of modern pointed-pen calligraphy.

**HOLIDAY GIFT UPDATE: If you are purchasing this as a gift, please know that the download links are valid through January 5. You can disregard the automated emails/existing wording below regarding the expiration date of the links. They will not expire within the standard 7-day timeframe.**