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An often-missed step with beginners getting started without a calligraphy kit that details out how to get started with the tools of pointed pen is prepping your nibs.

When nibs come fresh from the manufacturer, they have a protective coating on them that must be removed before you get started with a new nib. So while you don’t have to prep a nib every time you use it, you do need to prep a new nib before the first time you use it.

There are a variety of ways to prep your nibs:

1 // Some people lick their nibs {kinda gross, but feel free to give this one a try!}, some wipe them down with rubbing alcohol

2 // Some people stick them into a potato {but what about when you don’t happen to have a potato handy?}

3 // Some use toothpaste and a Q-tip.

My recommended method?

4 // I like to simply wipe my nib off with some ink that is already easily accessible at my desk.

When you don’t prep your nib, the ink doesn’t sit in the reservoir like we need it to, but instead sort of bubbles up and dissipates out on the nib.

The Nikko G is a particularly large, slick nib, so you can see the effects pretty well in the video below: 

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