How to Hold Your Calligraphy Pen {video!}

One of the questions we hear a lot from beginners learning calligraphy is how to hold your pen correctly. The way that you hold your pen will make a big difference in both how your calligraphy looks, as well as how your hand feels doing it. Check out this video to see how I hold my pen to have successfully addressed tens of thousands [...]

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How to Teach your Wedding Clients to Format their Lists

As a wedding calligrapher, it can be a real time saver to be sure your clients are formatting their mailing address lists in a way that you are best able to use it while you’re working on their order. It also helps your clients, too, because it’s possible that they didn’t really have an idea on how to do this anyway. So your template [...]

Frustrated with bleeding ink? Here’s the #1 way to fix the problem.

So often we hear from aspiring calligraphers who are trying their best and yet disappointed their work doesn’t look as good as they think it should. Often the case is that you might see your one calligrapher using a certain ink {ahem, Sumi, for example} and another calligrapher using their favorite nib, say a Nikko G. So you go online and order all these [...]

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5 Steps to Mastering Calligraphy

Have you ever asked yourself, “How long until I’m good at calligraphy? It’s certainly a fair question. I asked this question many times in the beginning when I longed to be more advanced. I compared myself to other calligraphers and thought I’d never measure up to them. One thing that I have had to remind myself is this: You and I are generally our [...]

Learn Calligraphy with our Calligraphy Starter Kit

Ask any calligrapher...we widely agree that practicing calligraphy can be calming, relaxing and deeply therapeutic once you get into a rhythm. But, how do you even get to that point? It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Maybe you’ve tried taking up calligraphy on your own while watching YouTube videos, but you find it way harder than it looks! Do you sometimes wonder if the “therapeutic [...]

Stationery vs. Stationary

How do we say this nicely without sounding harsh?? We see this common mistake all the time and never know how to nicely point it out. You know when someone has food in their teeth, and you are SO tempted to say something, but you don’t? That’s how we feel every time we see a friend {or stranger online!} make this common mistake. Should we [...]

How to do calligraphy: The complete beginner’s guide to modern pointed pen calligraphy

Let’s call it like it is: calligraphy is a beautiful art, but it can be quite overwhelming when you first dive in to learning. There are so many supplies – it’s like a whole new language. Oblique pens? Nibs? Ink bleeds & blobs? Mixing ink? Alphabet Exemplars? How do you actually learn calligraphy? Maybe you follow a bunch of artists on social media, and [...]

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How to prep your Nikko G Nib

An often-missed step with beginners getting started without a calligraphy kit that details out how to get started with the tools of pointed pen is prepping your nibs. When nibs come fresh from the manufacturer, they have a protective coating on them that must be removed before you get started with a new nib. So while you don’t have to prep a nib every [...]

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An Inside Look at our Dallas Beginner Calligraphy Workshop

Have you tried the art of modern pointed pen without success? Or maybe you are so overwhelmed, you don't even know where to start or what tools to get? Thousands of beginners just like you have trusted us to get them started with the RIGHT supplies for beginners, guaranteed to work together...yep, if you've unsuccessfully given it a go, it was more likely the [...]

How to set up your desk for a calligraphy envelope order

If you've been offering envelope addressing for some time, you know that not all envelope layouts are the same. While I often don't need a specifically guided space on my desk for envelopes, I recently needed to ensure that each envelope started in the exact same space on the envelope to accommodate vintage stamps. We work with many clients that use vintage stamps and [...]

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