Pros and Cons of Running an Etsy Shop

I was an early adopter of Etsy and I am grateful for the platform it gave me. However, as most of you know, over the last 8-10 years Etsy has become increasingly over saturated. Because of this, plenty of creatives are jumping ship or not even considering Etsy at all. Even though it is a different site than when I started out, I would still [...]

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My Favorite Calligraphy Supplies

Shopping for calligraphy supplies can be overwhelming – there are endless options. We get questions all the time about which supplies I recommend and where to buy them. We decided to answer those questions with a list of my favorite supplies! You might already know we carry all my preferred inks, pens & practice pads in the LHC shop, but we’ve compiled those and more [...]

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Modern Pointed-Pen Calligraphy Resources

If you are looking to learn the art of modern, pointed-pen calligraphy, you've come to the right place! We offer in-person beginner calligraphy workshops around the US {plus a class coming up in LONDON!} where we provide you with high-quality tools for the art as well as teach you how to actually make them work for YOU. Our workshop also covers basics in practice strokes and technique, [...]

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My Journey into Calligraphy + New Free Desktop Download

How I got started I am often asked “how long have you been doing calligraphy?” or “where did you learn the art of calligraphy?”, so I thought I would share the story of how I became a full-time calligrapher. People also often ask if I have neat “regular writing,” and the answer is yes, I have always had neat, legible writing, and I have [...]

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Working with Marble Tiles

Working with marble tiles has become increasing popular in the wedding & event industry. They are quite beautiful & offer a fun alternative to standard paper escort or place cards. You can write on them with paint pens or you can still use dip pen & ink. If using a dip pen & ink, we recommend spraying them with a fixative to avoid rubbing off [...]

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Giveaway | Got 5 minutes? Fill out our survey to receive a free gold foil print!

One of our focuses this year is to share more calligraphy, creative business and lifestyle tips with you, but in order to do that in the most meaningful way, we want to know what would be most valuable to YOU! Tell us what you'd like to know, learn and see more of from Laura Hooper Calligraphy by filling out our survey here.  *update* We are so appreciative of the overwhelming response to our survey. Unfortunately [...]

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Tips for Investing in Your Business

Photo by Abby Jiu Happy New Every everyone! One of the exciting aspects of starting a fresh year is taking the opportunity to look back at your previous year, assess what worked and what didn't, and also consider where you want to go in the coming year. Personally we think this is helpful to do a couple times throughout the year as well, but it's [...]

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{Christmas} Set a Beautiful Holiday Table in 5 Simple Steps with Sweet Root Village & Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Hosting friends and family in your home is one of the easiest ways to soak up the wonders of the winter holiday season. We all want to create a welcoming and beautiful space to celebrate with those we love. However, this process can sometimes feel daunting! This minimal, holiday table was inspired by the sea and was meant to prove that simple and straightforward elements [...]

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{Holiday Sale} Give the Gift of Calligraphy ~ Last Chance for 25% off the Starter Kit

Photo by Anne Kim If you're searching for a thoughtful, unique gift for someone special on your Christmas list...our calligraphy starter kit may be just what you're looking for! Our calligraphy kit includes not only the tools needed to get started with the art of pointed-pen, but also provides detailed instructions on how to actually use those tools. And right now you can get 25% [...]

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