Calligraphy Inspiration: Abby Jiu’s Moroccan Baby Shower

We are interrupting our Thursday calligraphy tips to show you some of our most recent, exciting calligraphy projects for some inspiration on how to apply your calligraphy & lettering to real life events. For the next three weeks, we’ll be showing you a variety of projects you can try out yourself for any events you’ll be hosting or working on this year. And if you [...]

How to Throw a Summer Rosé Party

IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Yay! We're taking a break from our regular Thursday calligraphy tips and giving you a fun way you can celebrate those hot, long days of summer. I’ve been dreaming about having my friends over for a summer rosé party so I thought you could do some dreaming and plan a summer rose party, too! Below are some ways you can throw one yourself, including a fun [...]

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Our Top Five Pieces of Advice for a New Calligrapher

There is an ever growing number of new calligraphers out there thanks to the increased popularity of the art. We love teaching the art of pointed-pen modern calligraphy and are extremely passionate about setting up new calligraphers with best chance at a successful hobby or career in calligraphy. However, so many people who want to learn calligraphy, get stuck not having the right supplies, techniques or mindset to follow through [...]

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Come Learn the Art of Modern Calligraphy at our Beginner Workshops

If you've ever wanted to learn the art of modern pointed-pen calligraphy, we'd love for you to join us at one of our Beginner Calligraphy Workshops in LA, NYC or DC this summer – we only have a few spots left in each one! We are also bringing our workshops to Portland this Fall for the first time ever. Our workshops include ALL the [...]

Four Practical Steps to Keep up with a Calligraphy Practice Routine

  We are almost done with a full 5 days of our Free Calligraphy Practice Challenge! It has been a BLAST sharing our drills & practice tips but, most importantly, we are loving the community of calligraphers who joined us this week. If you missed the challenge, be sure to sign up here so you can be notified when we run the challenge again. [...]

How to Turn your Calligraphy Practice into a Habit

Our FREE 5-Day Practice Challenge starts Monday June 5th! To say we are excited about it is an understatement. We already have over 2,000 people signed up and counting. That's 2,000 calligraphers wanting to take their skills to the next level. Why a practice challenge? After I posed the question "What are you struggling with" on a recent survey, I got about 1,000 responses along [...]

How to Use Ink on Polished Surfaces

We often have calligraphy jobs come across my desk that I would consider “less ideal” than others - to put it nicely! Generally, anything with a polished surface can be really tricky to work with. While trial and error is really the only way to go, here is my own first go-to for trial and error. Wipe the surface clean using windex [...]

The Difference Between an Oblique Pen and a Straight Pen

We are frequently asked about the difference between an oblique pen {with the flange holding the nib} versus a straight pen {with the flange inserted directly into the pen holder}. Most commonly, oblique pens are recommended for beginners as it helps you to more naturally achieve the thick and thin lines that are characteristic of pointed-pen calligraphy. Now you may have noticed in [...]

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Growing Your Skills with The Sketchbook Series

Happy Thursday, everyone! You might recall from a few weeks ago when Alyssa & I attended Fleurology in Houston that we were fortunate enough to participate in The Sketchbook Series class offered during the symposium. I had previously completed the online version of the class last year & it was so fun to put my learned skills to use in the live class. The Sketchbook [...]

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A Roundup of Our Favorite Art Books

Happy Thursday, everyone. We just received our Wedding Calligraphy books from our publisher and we can’t wait to send them out to everyone next week! Happy dances are in full swing! With that said, for our calligraphy tip today, we want to share with you some of our favorite reads that inspire us in hopes they do the same for you. Where do you usually go [...]

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