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Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy – Online Tutorial

This 45-minute online video covers the basics of pointed pen calligraphy with guided instruction from Laura of Laura Hooper Calligraphy. The tutorial begins with the anatomy of the oblique pen and preparation to begin (ink dipping, gridlines, practice strokes), which is followed by close-up visuals of Laura writing every letter of the Copperplate alphabet – both upper and lower case – with verbal instruction on the thick and thin lines of each letter. In addition, tips and common errors to avoid are provided for a variety of letters.

{Client testimonial…“The new online tutorial from Laura is so wonderful! I have been doing calligraphy for several years now and this video is a fantastic accompaniment to the Starter Kit. I have been using the different fonts in the Starter Kit for awhile and it was so helpful to watch Laura form the letters online. I learned several tricks by watching her do the letters and the Pause for Practice interludes were so good. It is going to be a HUGE asset to have the video to use for warm-ups and to fine-tune my form. I also really enjoyed the information at the end of the video about numbers and mixing inks. I am so happy I purchased the video and have it to use as a great learning resource.”

Nancy Moreton
Cape Girardeau, Missouri}

The online tutorial is meant as a complementary piece to the Laura Hooper Calligraphy Starter Kit. It specifically references the materials and instructional kit used in our own starter kit, but does not include any tools when purchased on its own. Please note that the ideas are applicable for any tools, but may not correlate exactly.

Upon purchase, you will receive a file to download to your computer. You can then watch this video at any time, however many times you would like! This is not a live class and there is no specific time or location that you need to be able to take it.

Add on to Calligraphy Starter Kit – $85
Video Tutorial only – $125
(These introductory rates may change at any time)

If you have attended a Laura Hooper Calligraphy workshop or purchased a starter kit from our website or Etsy shop, please email & we can activate your email address to be used as a COUPON CODE to receive $40 off the video only option. Unfortunately refunds can not be issued after the fact if you purchase without the COUPON CODE.

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