Tips for Left-Handed Calligraphy Learners

Are you left-handed and have always struggled with the way the world caters to right-handed people? Particularly with art supplies and pens in particular? I’m guessing your palm always gets smudged with ink no matter how hard you try. When learning calligraphy, we frequently get asked “Do you have any tips for lefties?” or “Is it even possible for a leftie to learn calligraphy?”. [...]

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How to use Calligraphy on Ribbon

Lettering on beautiful ribbon is one of those projects you see online & it looks gorgeous, but when it comes time to attempt it yourself, you often find a lot of ink bleeding. But…you can beat the system with these simple steps! SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED Wax Freezer paper  Paint pen Ribbon - Honey Silks Co 1” Iron STEP 1 // Cut ribbon to desired size [...]

Why we developed the Calligraphy Practice Plan

We've all been there... We get so excited about learning a new skill but then… Life happens and weeks go by before we touch our tools again. We want to practice consistently, but we just don't know what to practice or how to develop a feasible plan. There’s so much information available on the internet, which is of course helpful, but also makes it [...]

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How I use Calligraphy on Marble

We frequently have the opportunity to letter on a variety of marble pieces for our wedding clients & get so many comments and questions about the pieces we are using. Marble is such a timeless and elegant look. We love the variety of ways it can be used as a surface for event decoration. We know you love it too, so we wanted to [...]

5 Tips for Time Management

I have grown A LOT in the 15 years of managing my own business. I learned a lot in the beginning through good ole fashion trial and error and even more in today's world thanks to creative entrepreneur podcasts as well as sharing/absorbing tips through creative colleagues. When I first started out, I would get so overwhelmed by all that there was to do [...]

Is the FREE 5 Day Calligraphy Practice Challenge for you?

We get a lot of you asking us, will this FREE 5 Day Calligraphy Practice Challenge be good for me? When we ran the challenge this past June, we got an overwhelmingly positive response from people allllll across the calligraphy skill spectrum. From beginners who just learned the week before to full time professional calligraphers who actually make a living off of their skill. [...]

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How To Create Escort Cards with Watercolor and Masking Fluid

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate my calligraphy into weddings and events and if you're like me, you can't get enough of a good watercolor project. Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite projects that uses masking fluid and watercolor to create a whimsical and artistic touch to any celebration. This particular project uses masking fluid to [...]

How to Go Beyond Beginner Calligraphy

So, you've learned how to use the tools & gotten started with a beginner alphabet, but what is the next step that will best help you improve your skills? The common desire is to jump right into words. Right? The fun stuff! I get it, I did that too when I taught myself over 15 years ago. But then I spent years wondering why [...]

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Introducing the Calligraphy Classroom

If you’re like me, the end of summer inevitably brings a desire for learning something new. In fact, I’m personally jumping at the opportunity to study under a Master Penman later this month to further develop my traditional scripts! So, to ring in the season coming up, we want to give YOU an opportunity to expand your skills and get yourself back to school [...]

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Glossary of Calligraphic Terms

We've been teaching calligraphy for a long time now so we know how tough it can be! Not only is learning the skill tedious and frustrating at times, the terms that calligraphers use can be equally as confusing. We put together for you a simple Glossary of Calligraphic Terms guide that we know will be very beneficial for you to reference while you are [...]

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