Our Gold Ink Add-On Kit is a perfect addition to your starter kit. Expand your calligraphy knowledge, practice with gold ink and try out writing on colored papers.

Gold Ink Add-On Kit includes:

1 Bottle of gold ink compatible with paper sold in our Starter Kit
2 Nibs compatible with pens sold in our Starter Kit {Hunt 101 & Nikko G}
1 Jar for Mixing
Instructions on how to mix ink
**To close the lid on the jar included, you turn the lid until you feel it click tightly — then you stop. If you continue to turn, applying more pressure, it can loosen. If this happens, just turn it further until you feel it click tight again. When traveling with ink, we always recommend double zip-loc bagging your inks.**
*Pen not included – sold as part of our Starter Kit
*No props/flowers included – only exact items listed above in a white box