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Calligraphy for Beginners: Starter Kit + Online Course

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Curated especially for beginners by industry leader Laura Hooper, the Calligraphy Starter Kit + Video Tutorial includes both the high quality tools you need to start learning modern pointed-pen calligraphy but also {and perhaps more importantly} detailed, down-to-earth instruction on how to actually use them!


So What’s Included?

Calligraphy Starter Kit:

  • 1 oblique pen holder
  • Assortment of 3 nibs
  • 1 pot of black ink + 1 pot of white ink
  • Gold foil instructional book with tips & techniques from Laura’s 15+ years of professional experience with modern calligraphy as well as over 3 years experience teaching the art
  • 3 alphabet exemplars {beginner alphabet, Laura’s Italic script and Laura’s Ella script}
  • 1 practice journal with gold foil letterpress cover custom created with calligraphy quality paper inside
  • 3 sheets each of both vellum tracing paper + gridline practice sheets
  • Notes on mixing inks

Video Tutorial:
{The video tutorial is housed in our online Calligraphy Classroom Portal – you will receive an email with login information to access the video within minutes of placing your order and have access anywhere that you have access to the internet.}

  • 45-minutes of guided instruction from Laura as you work your way through the starter kit.
  • The explained anatomy of the oblique pen and preparation to begin (ink dipping, gridlines, practice strokes)
  • Close-up visuals of Laura writing every letter of her introductory alphabet – both upper and lower case – with verbal instruction on the thick and thin lines of each letter.
  • Tips and common errors to avoid
I discovered LH Calligraphy last year and ordered the starter kit to teach myself how to use pointed pens, inks, and how to write in modern calligraphy styles. This learning process inspired me to open my own Etsy shop and make an Instagram of prints I make on a daily basis, which is a great artistic outlet for me to unwind after my full time day job. I really enjoy making prints for people and hope to get into wooden signs and other media once it is warm enough outside to paint and stain. I love following LH Calligraphy on Instagram, SnapChat, and through the newsletter. I live in Washington DC and hope to attend one of the workshops to improve my skills more. I’m glad I discovered Modern Calligraphy and learned the techniques from Laura Hooper Calligraphy! Thanks! – Michelle 


We offer a variety of optional, additional supplies that can be added to your order for continued practice with the art — you can even add on our Beyond Beginner Calligraphy Workbook! Simply check the box next to the item below you’d like to add and proceed to checkout.

Our top recommendation for the add-ons is the Alphabet Tracing Pad!

Looking to take your calligraphy one step further? Consider our Beyond Beginner Guide. This is an instructional guide only that includes:

  • Details on letter consistency – focusing on the various components of your letters to make them consistent with one another
  • Information on letter connections
  • Two flourished alphabets
  • Tracing Pad with one of the flourished alphabets – each letter upper & lower case on its own page
  • Letter Connections Tracing Pad
  • A full set of flourishing examples (lower case letters, words & ornamental flourishing)
  • A few notes on Modern Calligraphy & Mixing Inks


Alphabet Tracing Pad

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Gridlines Practice Notepad - White

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Beyond Beginner Calligraphy: Workbook

In stock

Gold Ink Kit

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Rose Gold Ink Kit

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Calligraphy Silver Ink Kit

Out of stock

Gridlines Practice Notepad - Black

In stock

Blank Paper Notepad

In stock

In stock


  1. Ashley

    I bought this kit after a failed attempt at purchasing calligraphy supplies from a local craft store. After trying again with Laura’s supplies and instructions, I was able to actually enjoy calligraphy! I’ve already learned so much after just getting started with this kit and video. HIGHLY recommend to anyone starting out.

  2. Tamara Peterson


  3. Rani

    Laura, I have the starter kit, I purchased it last year, but never saw that there were lessons. I’d be interested in just purchasing the lesson for beginners.

    • Laura Hooper

      Hi Rani! Please send us an email to and we’ll be happy to set that up for you.
      Thank you!

  4. Gisella

    Hi, I´m from Ecuador. I´m very interested on taking the first and second lesson for begginers on line, is that possible even if I don´t live on your country?; please let me know so I can get in as soon as possible and buy the kits.


    • Laura Hooper

      Yes – you can order them and we ship to any country. If you don’t see Ecuador as an option, please email us directly and we can add it in: – thanks!

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