If you are looking to book envelope calligraphy as well as reception calligraphy, please visit our wedding calligraphy order form. You will be able to place a smaller deposit for your reception work.

For reception calligraphy only, a minimum order deposit of $650 is due at the time of booking and the balance will be billed upon receipt of the final list and once calligraphy details are confirmed.

If your wedding date is within the next 30 days, please email us at hello@lhcalligraphy.com prior to ordering to confirm availability.

Prices listed below are for reception calligraphy only, and do not include cardstock or other supplies.

ESCORT CARD: $ 3.00 ea.
PLACE CARD: $ 2.75 ea.
SEATING CHART: Starts at $395 for wood or mirror signs
SIGNAGE: Pricing varies based on sizing, wording & medium

Please contact us at hello@lhcalligraphy.com for reception calligraphy pricing including the paper stock or if you would like to discuss your reception plans and options for calligraphy + lettering.