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Amaryllis Gift Sets

Click through the photos to see each variety in bloom alonge with images of the three vessels. Purchase paper white sets here.

Potted Amaryllis planted with care in ceramic pots and covered with moss, they ship nationwide in the bulb stage & will be ready to bloom in a few weeks**. Each option comes planted in a vessel & can be shipped nationwide.

Royal Velvet: Standard stems 12”+, blooms quickly in approximately 4-5 weeks
Holland Bouquet: Long stems, takes approximately 4-5 weeks to wake from dormancy once planted
Denver: takes approximately 4-5 weeks to wake from dormancy. Large white blooms.

Single bulb vessel = approximately 6" assorted vessels
Three bulb vessel = 9x3” round with small handles
Five bulb vessel = long wooden box 

**We reserve the right to substitute a comparable variety if needed due to supply. Plant growth depends on a variety of factors including environment and care. Refunds will not be provided for lack of bloom growth as we can not control proper care settings. Additionally we can not guarantee growth by a specific date; each plant varies and environment factors impact this as well.

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