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Envelope Addressing & Formatting

Learn how to properly space and format your envelopes so they have a professional, clean look, and set your art apart from the rest of the crowd. This 3-part 50 minute video walks you through seven styles of envelope addressing formats with zip code & decorative additions. The course covers setting up your workspace to minimize errors and work as efficiently as possible, as well as working with clients in regards to obtaining a mailing list and how to format it for your use. We discuss common Post Office myths along with tips for mailing envelopes and what to expect from that process. With over 18 years of experience addressing wedding envelopes, you'll be in good hands to garner a foundation in this skill.

Course includes downloads of templates discussed in the course as well as an envelope worksheet for practicing. 

There are no physical products included in this course and therefore no shipping. It is an online video tutorial.

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