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Calligraphy Nibs

Pointed pen nibs vary in their flexibility and not every calligrapher has the same preference for nib types. Different nibs will lend themselves better to different types of inks and papers as well. If you don’t know which nib you are specifically looking for, we recommend the variety pack to try out an assortment of 7 different nibs.

(Video shows Nikko G nib.)

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Nikko G Nibs

A large nib, firm and good for beginners, intermediates, and metallic inks. Requires a heavy hand to get a thicker line.

Zebra G

A large, firm nib, good for beginners. A fine tip lends to an extra fine hairline.

Gillott 404

One of Laura’s favorite nibs, perfect for beginners. Firm, but quite flexible through the tines to lend to a thicker swell without having to use much pressure at all. Excellent for fine hairlines and heavy swells. Works great for getting thick lines on slick paper such as shimmer paper.

Hunt 56

A firm nib, with a sharp tip. Great for fine hairlines. Requires a bit of extra pressure to get a thicker swell.

Brause 361 Steno

Very fine point, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Thin line with perfect ink flow.

Brause EF66

Very smooth reaction, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Very flexible. Will give thick down strokes and fine hairlines. A popular nib for Copperplate. Also commonly known as “Arrow Nib”.

Hunt 101

Very flexible nib, perfect for a heavy swell with a fine line.

Nib Sample Packet

2 nibs of each style listed above, for a total of 14 nibs. Perfect if you aren’t sure which nib you love, so you can test them out and see which one works for you.

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