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Garden Consult {virtual or in-person}

Customized consult regarding your personal garden. Virtual option is via email only; video call includes a video call up to 30 minutes to discuss. Additional calls can be added as needed. Additional fees may apply for in-person consult based on location. All options include the same receivables below:

Receivables to include:

  • custom sketch with recommended plants and their descriptions
  • any have special instructions for recommendations
  • links where to purchase plants online in case you can’t find them at your local garden center

What you'll provide:

  • photo/video of your outdoor space
  • a rough sketch with North indicated and where your house is in relation; measurements 
  • any pertinent information such as what areas get sun all day, which areas are full shade, type of soil, any areas with issues such as water drainage, wind, etc. 

Consult pertains to one specific area: front yard, back yard, etc. Each separate area would entail a separate consult.

See full details.

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