calligraphy basics workshops


Our beginner’s workshop in modern pointed-pen calligraphy will provide you with high-quality tools for the art, but more importantly teach you how to use them, cover basics in practice strokes and technique, as well as cover a full alphabet. With over a decade of experience as a professional calligrapher, having taught over 3,200 students since 2014, you will receive sound instruction for the art of modern calligraphy. If you are just starting out or are looking for hands-on tips and techniques to improve your beginner’s hand, these workshops are for you! Left-handed? No problem. We provide a pen holder custom made for left-handed learners and have taught hundreds of lefties in our workshops over the past few years. Every individual’s skill level varies, regardless of which hand they use to write!

What’s included in every workshop:
– 2.5-3 hours of instruction with Laura Hooper & Alyssa Hooper
– 1 oblique pen holder2 nibs & 1 jar of black ink
– 1 instructional book with detailed, down-to-earth instruction on how to use the tools {which we will cover in class}
– 1 alphabet tracing pad on calligraphy quality paper with all 26 letters {upper & lower case} plus numbers & blank pages
– 1 keepsake Laura Hooper Calligraphy tote bag
– light refreshments
– BONUS! All workshop attendees will receive our video tutorial for continued practice at home {$125 value}

If you are not able to join us at one of the workshops below, we hope you will consider our starter kit + online tutorial. The kit includes all the tools you need to get started along with our detailed instructions on how to actually use them! We are also one of 9 professionals teaching in the ONLINE Modern Calligraphy Summit. We highly recommend the summit for calligraphers at ALL skill levels! If you are looking to launch or grown your calligraphy business, Calligraphy Business Bootcamp from MCS will be coming out in Spring 2017 as well & you can find details & sign up for that here.

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While we wish we could teach in every city, we unfortunately are not able to with our current workload, upcoming projects & preserving some weekends off to spend with our families and friends. We have chosen to scale back on the number of workshops offered in 2017 and therefore do expect that they may sell out early. We would love to share the art of modern calligraphy with you & recommend signing up as soon as you know you would like to join us!